Avoid These 12 Places to Use Your Credit Card

Author: Rakes

Unsecured websites: Don't use your credit card on unsecured websites as they may not have the appropriate encryption to shield your personal information from fraud.


Public Wi-Fi: Do not use your credit card in Wi-Fi networks that are not public, since they're not secured and could make your data exposed to hackers.


Gas stations: They are a frequent victim of credit card fraud and therefore it's recommended to make use of cash or alternatively, a debit card.


Gaming websites: Online are often lack security, making them an ideal opportunity for hackers who want at stealing credit card data.


Parking meters: Can be altered by fraudsters trying to steal your credit card information It's recommended to make use of coins or a mobile payment application instead.


Hotels that are cheap: These hotels might not offer the highest security, therefore it's recommended to make use of cash or an ATM card instead of credit cards.


Nightclubs and bars: Nightclubs and bars are usually packed, making it easier for criminals to take your credit card details. So, It is not a good idea to use your credit card there.


Street sellers: street vendors might be unable to secure their payment options that make it easier for someone to get your credit card details.


Marketplaces online: There are some online marketplaces that do not have adequate security measures which is why it's advised to select a reliable payment method such as PayPal instead.


Restaurants: Restaurants are the target of fraud with credit cards. So, To be vigilant about your credit card while you pay. Make sure on your statement for any unauthorized charges.


Public computers: Do not utilize your credit cards on computer that is shared with others since it may contain malware that is designed to steal your personal information.


Travel to foreign countries: If you travel in another country, you should utilize cash or a credit card that doesn't charge charges in foreign, as some countries may be less secured payment methods.